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Sheka Kawo Kamina Natural :: Ethiopia

Sheka Kawo Kamina Natural :: Ethiopia
Sheka Kawo Kamina Natural :: Ethiopia

Sheka Kawo Kamina Natural :: Ethiopia

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Even among the legendary players of Ethiopia, Moplaco’s Heleanna Georgalis and her father, Yiannis, stand out. Heleanna is known for her love of experimentation and willingness to take risks in order to create a transcendent cup of coffee. Her farming and processing practices are the absolute gold standard, diverse and honed over time. Along with immaculate washed coffees, her sundried coffees show an exquisite and unique cleanliness, along with a distinct citric character like lime along with the other fruits they bring to the table. Another process we’re always excited about is her “Kenya process,” which was inspired by the dry fermentation practices she witnessed in Kenya in order to preserve water. Motivated by the same concern, Heleanna’s Kenya process coffees are depulped, then fermented in cement tanks for 36 hours before drying, bringing the same cleanliness along with a distinct spice character. 

This new sundried process Ethiopia has us, at Flat Track Coffee Roasters, super intrigued by it's dessert and candy forward flavors: cotton candy, strawberries and cream, and biscoff cookie.

Cup Characteristics: cotton candy, strawberries + cream, biscoff cookie

Producer: Heleanna Georgalis

Region: Illubabor

Variety: Ethiopia Landraces & Gemadro

Altitude: 1900-2100 masl

Harvest: March - June 2020

Process: Sundried