Kilenso :: Ethiopia

Kilenso :: Ethiopia

Kilenso :: Ethiopia

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Ethiopia Kilenso is our second coffee from Red Fox, and we’re bringing it in as a third African option on the menu. It’s washed, to contrast the Gerbicho Natural we’re still rocking. This coffee comes from Hagere Mariam, one the of the most famous producing regions in Ethiopia. The town is at 1700 masl, but coffee can grow well above 2,000 masl. Earlier this summer when we got to cup this coffee, we were blown away by lavender, oolong tea, and blackberries. We like it as a Kalita wave while watching an episode of Cowboy Bebop on the couch.

Cup Characteristics: oolong tea, lavender, blackberries

Producer: Mokonissa Co-Op

Region: Hagere Mariam

Variety: Ethiopia Landraces

Altitude: 1800-2200 masl

Harvest: October - December

Process: Mechanically depulped & washed